How To Relieve Post Workout Muscle Soreness

Before you can learn how to relieve post workout muscle soreness (delayed onset muscle soreness), you need to understand what it actually is. So, what is Muscle soreness you ask. It is caused by a workout overload! The breakdown of muscle fibers, causes the release of muscle cell content. The cell then attracts inflammatory cells, which release chemicals, that will irritate the nerve fibers causing pain! It is very common in people who are just beginning a workout routine, who just push too hard! Now here is how to relieve muscle soreness!

1. The Massage Method
Try massaging away your pain. Remember to start very slow and lightly massage your sore muscle, gradually increasing the depth and pressure of the massage. It will be very painful, but towards the end of the massage your soreness should start to diminish.

2. Hot bath
A hot bath has always done wonders for me. The heat will help to increase circulation proving a soothing effect.

* I like to combine the hot bath and follow it up with the massage!

3. Flushing out the Soreness
Hot into the shower and run HOT water over your sore areas in 2 min intervals then immediately changing it up with cold water for about 30 seconds or as long as you can make it. DO this method up to about 5 times to see results. This will take some courage, but the opening and closing of your blood vessels will flush the acid from your muscles to ease the soreness!

4. Exercise
Sounds silly, but why working out very gently the muscles that are sore, you will slowly begin to regain movement in those areas. This is increasing the blood flow to your sore muscles.

Now that you have learned how to relieve muscle soreness, lets talk about how to prevent it from happening again!

1. Warm up!
I can’t stress this enough, always, always, warm up your muscles before attempting in sort of workout. This gets circulation to all of your muscles, and tendons!

2. Stretching
One you have warmed up everything, Make sure you thoroughly stretch the areas you will be using during your workout!

3. Stretch after your workout
Not only is it important to stretch your muscles out before your workout, but you also need to end with a good stretch! Stretch for a good 15-20 seconds per muscle group, they will be all warmed up from your workout so they will stretch very well!

Make sure you start any new workout program slowly, and have your limits! Increase the intensity of your program by 15% each week, allowing proper time for your muscles to adapt to the new routine! Now that you have found the knowledge on how to relieve post workout muscle soreness (delayed onset muscle soreness)(, I’m sure you won’t make the mistake again of causing it!

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