Develop Explosive Muscular Endurance & Get Ripped With The Bodyweight Workout 250 Challenge!

Hi everyone!

Bodyweight training can provide some of the best workouts for you if you want to build muscle and get ripped and lean and maintain functionality so that the next time you step on the playing field, you are ready for battle.

The Bodyweight 250 Workout is another step up in this series of workouts and it adds another 50 reps to the Bodyweight 200 Workout. Again, the key to this workout is to complete it as quickly as possible. For this total body workout, you are going to want to complete it in under 15 minutes. Therefore, complete each exercise taking as few breaks as possible and go on to the next. The concept behind the workout is not hard to remember but it certainly will challenge your strength and muscular endurance abilities as well as give you a great pump.

Bodyweight 250 Workout Program

Bodyweight Exercise 1 – Jumping Jack’s or Jump Rope

30 Reps

Bodyweight Exercise 2 – Close Grip Push Ups

20 Reps

Bodyweight Exercise 3 – Straight Jumps

10 Reps

Bodyweight Exercise 4 – Body Squats

40 Reps

Bodyweight Exercise 5 – Push Ups

25 Reps

Bodyweight Exercise 6 – Lunges

20 Reps (10 per leg)

Bodyweight Exercise 7 – Underhand Inverted Rows

15 Reps

Bodyweight Exercise 8 – Bicycle Crunches

30 Reps

Bodyweight Exercise 9 – Body Squats

25 Reps

Bodyweight Exercise 10 – Jumping Jack’s or Jump Rope

25 Reps

If you have completed this total body workout and have finished the bodyweight training in under 15 minutes then you are ready to move on to the Bodyweight 350 Workout Program. If you could not complete this workout in under 15 minutes, keep trying until you do prior to moving on to the next challenge!

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